Audio Portal

Welcome to Roken Studio

Kia-ora! My name is Mike and I am your online audio assistant, at your service. As an artist, it is my goal to set you free of the mundane and technical and allow you to focus on your sonic power.

At Roken Studio you have access to a room that is acoustically treated so you can hear a more balanced mix before committing to publishing, and you have high quality I/O’s to record with confidence.

I am here to help you publish your sonic art. Whether it’s vocals, an instrument, a DJ set, or DAW project file I can help you to record, mix and stream quality audio and video content to the world.

Record and track vocals, instruments and DAW sessions in an acoustically treated environment with quality recording equipment. Whether you are seeking a clean and transparent recording or something more rough around the edges, Roken Studio will help to output recordings to high quality digital audio.

Balancing your tracks prepares your mix for mastering or online streaming. Roken Studio has a range of digital and analog mixing tools to balance, saturate, equalize and level tracks either independently or as part of a full record.

Reach your audience online. Roken Studio has a number of digital services and technologies to get your performance online in real-time. Stream vocals, your DJ set, or a live production to streaming broadcasters.

The Audio Portal is a teaching program designed for intermediate and college students to learn the basics, and beyond, of electronic music production, dj’ing and performing. If your child is showing interest in audio, or if sound is their primary learning method, then unlocking the world of audio can be really powerful.

Let’s talk about your goals